I was born in 1970 in Siauliai, Lithuania. I learned in Siauliai Conservatoire to be a Choirmaster, in Kaunas Technology University in Business administration faculty and in Siauliai University in Art faculty. Im an artist (painter), musician, composer, founder and artistic director of Holistic Theatre of Movement „S“. I also illustrate books, compose music for films and theatre. I play various instruments: ethic harp, kankles, piano, lumzdelis, synthesizers etc.

I have organized a personal exhibitions and taken part in joint creative projects in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, India, Croatia, Holland and Germany.

Im happy to take part in this workshop, to touch folk art and culture of a such a near but so unknown country as Estonia. Every movement in todays life is rendering us something new – more, brighter, quicker, louder, however rarly suggestioning the DEEPER. For how far we enter the sensory overload before almost everything starts meaning less? There is a single direction, leading us into originality and the true self-disclosure – this is the voide of the soul, the core mystery of the artists own existence.

Our progenitors were feeling this voice so deep and it echoes in ancient art. It helps us to return to ourself in nowadays life. I hope to have the possibility to create it with you!