When I am asked to write about myself and my work, I can´t help go back to my roots to begin with. I can´t help to think of who I was then and who I am now… I come from Saaremaa. It is a small island, quite isolated from the big world.

Trends from art centers of the world barely reach to that place, people are rather clumsy compared to the metropolitians and food is nothing for a gastronome from the world class.

I have always been proud of where I come from. I moved to Sweden 2006. I learned the language, meanwhile building 3 exhibitions in different fairs in Sweden. These exhibits were garden exibs as I have education as a garden designer. At the end of 2008 I felt ready to start my own business as my language skills were good by then. I started to do garden sketches, constructed some gardens, did the consultancy work and took care of some gardens. Very soon I noticed that every work has the same character. I always strove for simplicity with personal touch.

Then I noticed that my creativity can be used in many other ways than designing gardens. Autumn, 2009 I opened a carpet line in my company, offering custom made carpets to the Swedish market. The collection with smaller type of carpets got launched a year later, on the 30th of November, 2010.

These smaller type of carpets I have named Manifestation Mats – Artistic Feel-Good Carpets. The carpet can be in any shape but always approx 1 m² big. Though there is collection, they always are created “one of the kind, one at the time”, inspired by customers dream, vision or personality. Customers are both private and companies.

This carpet can be hanged on the wall. “It is an symbolical interpretation of something that is important to you and this interpretation is in your environment to remind you of something that matters, of something that you drive for or desire to experience and we all know what happens when we get reminded every day of fex how beautiful we are… Yes, we start to believe, the new attitude gets created. We start to act as we already had that we desire.”

People who practice yoga or meditation, this carpet is a perfect mat to lay on and do their exercise on. Everyone can play and practice visualization on their personal carpet. A short inspirational text follows with every created carpet that concentrates on uniqueness and beauty I see in you.

I love the uniqueness in people, dreams, visions….and can´t wait to open a line with personal ceramics under Grand Legacy Design´s name. With ceramics I have no experience since now. Not more than I like Gustavsberg´s work and design and Italian old pottery is really lovely.