Recently coming across this invitation, I must express my highest interest intaking part in your project.Being a young professional, I am constantly looking for new sources ofinspiration and continuously discovering new cultures. I have spent myprevious years travelling, interacting with people and writing about Europeannations. This activity helped me to learn some less spoken languages of whichI am very proud.Estonia has always been on a high focus for me – starting with school trips andcontinuing with lifestyle and business travels I am performing now. I havebeen discovering the island of Kihnu which has left me unforgettableimpressions on its authenticity, people and folklore.I do have a very strong will to visit Saaremaa and participate in this project.Clay techniques is a new thing to me, however, I would more that glad to learnmore on this. The most interesting part of the project for me being a curiousresearcher of European cultures would be your stated objective 'To promote knowledge in Estonian traditions and folk art'.Firmly believing that this project will be a great success I am looking forwardto participate in it and broaden my knowledge during this exciting opportunity.