I was born in Argentina and moved to Lithuania where I am currently living. I graduated in Polytechnic College in Computers and Electronics. At the moment im taking a class in Sociology through Lebanon. Im teaching math, physics and electronics, mixed martial arts and guitar. Im also a yoga instructor. Im playing piano and guitar (jazz, folk, bossa, tango, blues, country and classic), im an amateur in painting and ceramics. Im interested in literature, history, philosophy, astronomy and folk Argentina and Latin America.

I read about the workshop and decided to register, because I think that is a very interesting way to discover the Baltic States from side of Estonian art and culture. Of course, as i have read, it could be an interesting way also to find the route and the historical connections among all the european cultures and the relationship with the oriental pottery such as middle east and Asia.

Really, this workshop may represent for me the path to get closer to the historical development of the Baltic States from the side of ceramics but also coming on religion, traditions, mythology without forgetting that pottery is a very ancient art which appeared with the first civilizations, so that when we work with a piece of clay, we are coming back thousands and thousands of years. What means, that in this moment, we are integrating us to the earth as primitive human beings and reaching at the same moment the soul of the inhabitants which were living at the paleolithic or Mesolithic period.

It would be very nice to share your art with the rest of the world. Many thanks, Estonia!!